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Why Troy Africa ?

Troy Africa is a true innovator of airfreight with an inclusive, integrated and comprehensive range of services. These include planning, managing and
delivering seamless transport delivery services from initial collection to final destination.

Our comparative advantages include supervised collection, safe & fast transport, clearing & forwarding, as well as crating & packing options.

Troy Africa has relationships with the leading agents worldwide and have brought this into our service offering by ensuring service level agreements are in place to protect our clients. Our agents are the best in their field, whether it be air, sea or local transportation.

Air Freight Imports and Exports.

Air freight parcel delivery is the transfer
and shipment of goods via an air carrier,
which may be charter or commercial. Such
shipments travel out of commercial and
passenger aviation gateways to anywhere
planes can fly and land.

Sea Freight Imports and Exports.

Sea freight is the term used in the
transportation industry all around
the world. It can also be known as
ocean freight. Sea freight is one of the
transportation methods to carry cargo
from one country to another via sea by
ship or vessel. We use this method when
time is not an issue and clients are looking
to send heavyweight shipments or bulky
items overseas, economically. We can
send cargo by sea freight for clients using
one of teh following methods:
• Full Container Load-FCL
• Less Container Load-FCL
• Bulk Cargo

Road Freight.

Troy Africa arranges the best means of transport,
taking into account the type of goods and the
customers’ delivery requirements. Troy Africa
uses the services of road freight Throughout
the whole of Africa.

Customs Clearance and document handling.

Customs clearance is the documented permission that a national customs authority
grants to import or export goods.

This can be in the form of goods entering or exiting the country.

The custom clearance process is typically given to a shipping agent to prove that all applicable
taxes have been brought into account and that the shipment has been release from customs.

Track & Trace.

Track your cargo anywhere in the world.
be it Air Freight, Road Freight, Sea Freight or by Courier.

Please click on the blue block to start tracking your cargo.
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